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Are you eagerly waiting to know your 12th class results? Then you must be wondering how to check your results quickly. We understand the reason behind your anxiety and curiosity. No doubt, your Inter Part 2 result is the turning point of your life, as it marks the completion of secondary education and a gateway to higher education or employment.

Luckily, this article will walk you through the various methods available to check your result and enumerates the subject-wise marking and grading and revised policies for intermediate. Therefore, it is going to be worth reading.

So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through checking your 12th-grade result and much more!


Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan 

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) is responsible for the exams of students in grades 9–12 take. The BISE functions individually and is in charge of conducting exams, setting up course guidelines, and helping students and teachers with their education.

Pakistan also has six regional Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISEs), one for each state plus the federal capital, Islamabad. These BISEs also keep an eye on and improve the quality of secondary education in their respective areas.

The provincial education boards are included in the following table.

  1. Punjab Education Boards 
Boards of Education in PunjabLocation
BISE, Lahore Lahore
BISE, Gujranwala Gujranwala
BISE, FaisalabadFaisalabad
BISE, MultanMultan
BISE, RawalpindiRawalpindi
BISE, SahiwalSahiwal
BISE, Bahawalpur Bahawalpur 
BISE, Dera Ghazi Khan Dera Ghazi Khan 
BISE, Sargodha Sargodha 
  1. KPK Education Boards 
Boards of Education in KPK Location
BISE, AbbottabadAbbottabad 
BISE, Bannu Bannu 
BISE, Dera Ismail Khan Dera Ismail khan 
BISE, Kohat Kohat 
BISE, MalakandMalakand 
BISE, Mardan Mardan 
BISE, Peshawar Peshawar 
BISE, Sawat Sawat 
  1. Sindh Education Boards 
Boards of Education in Sindh Location
Aga Khan BoardKarachi
BSEK Karachi Karachi
BISE, Hyderabad Hyderabad
BISE, Larkana Larkana 
BISE, Mirpurkhas Mirpurkhas
BISE, Sukkur Sukkur 
  1. Baluchistan Education Boards 
Boards of Education in Baluchistan Location
BISE, QuettaQuetta
  1. Azad Kashmir/AJK Education Boards 
Boards of Education in Azad Kashmir/AJKLocation
BISE, Azad Kashmir Azad Kashmir 
  1. Federal Education Boards 
Boards of Education in Islamabad Location
FBISE, Islamabad  Islamabad

Methods of Checking 12th Class Result

Given are the simplest ways to check your Inter Part II results. 

  1. Check Class 12 Board Result Online 

Several options are available for students to check their Class 12 BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) results online. If you want to check your result this way, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of your BISE board. You can find the website on the board’s official social media page or through an online search.
  2. Look for a link on the homepage labeled “Result,” “Class 12 Result,” or something similar. This link will take you to the result page.
  3. Once on the result page, enter your roll number and any other required information, such as your name or date of birth.
  4. Click the “Submit” or “Check Result” button to view your result.
  5. Your result will be displayed on the screen. Remember to download a copy for your records.

Contact your BISE board for assistance if you need help accessing your result online. You can also check your result through SMS or by obtaining a physical copy at your school or the BISE board office.

  1. How to Check 12th Class Result by SMS/Message  

On the 12th class result date, primarily, the websites have more traffic, which often slows their work. However, the SMS service is convenient if you want to check your 12th-grade marks without delay. 

To check your results by roll number, you can use the following steps:

  1. Send an SMS to the number designated by your education board. This information is typically available on the board’s website or local newspapers. (we are listing SMS codes of all boards for you)
  2. In the message, include the information required by the education board, such as your roll number or other personal details like your date of birth or your father’s name.
  3. Send the SMS and wait for a response from the education board. Depending on the volume of requests, it may take a few minutes or longer to receive a reply.
  4. When you receive a response, carefully read the message to view your 12th class result.
  5. Make sure to check your result carefully to ensure that all the information is correct.

SMS Codes for Punjab Board 

Name of BoardSMS Number
BISE, Lahore 800291
BISE, Gujranwala 800299
BISE, Faisalabad800240
BISE, Multan800293
BISE, Rawalpindi800296
BISE, Sahiwal800292
BISE, Bahawalpur 800298
BISE, Dera Ghazi Khan 800295
BISE, Sargodha 800290

SMS Codes for KPK Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS Number
Peshawar Board9818
Swat Board8333
Malakand Board8583
Bannu Board9818
Mardan Board9818
Dera Ismail Khan Board9818
Abbottabad Board9818

SMS Codes for Sindh Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS Number
BISE, Karachi 8583
BISE, Hyderabad8583
BISE, Sukkur80029
BISE, Mirpurkhas8583
Aga Khan Board8583
BISE, Larkana800291
Karachi Board8583

SMS Codes for Azad Kashmir/AJK Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS Number
BISE, AJK 5050

SMS Codes for Baluchistan Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS Number
BISE, Baluchistan 

SMS Codes for Federal Education Board

Name of BoardSMS Number
FBISE, Islamabad 5050 

Note: Your network provider may charge you a few rupees for this SMS result service.

  1. Checking 12th Class Result on College Notice Board

If you want to check your 12th Class (also known as high school or secondary school) results in person, you can visit your school and look for a notice board where the results are displayed. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your school.
  2. Look for the notice board where the 12th class results are posted. This board is often located in a visible area, such as the main entrance or the college office.
  3. Search for your name on the results list displayed on the notice board.
  4. Carefully review your results to make sure all of the information is accurate.
  5. If you notice any mistakes or errors in your results, notify your school administration and education board as soon as possible to resolve the issue.
  6. Checking 12th Class Result by Gazette 

In the past, education boards in Pakistan published results in the newspapers. But, with the evolution of communication, the boards started specific Gazettes for the results of each class. This gazette is available on the official website of the education boards. Moreover, the boards now provide hard copies to the colleges and district education offices. 

You check your intermediate results by following the most straightforward steps listed below. 

  1. Obtain a Gazette that includes the 12th class results.
  2. Check the list of results in the Gazette for your name or roll number.
  3. Verify that all the information is accurate.

It is excellent practice to get your result card from the official website of your board, even if you have checked it through a gazette. This will provide you with subject-specific information on your obtained marks and grades.

Errors on Class 12th Result Card

Errors on your Class 12th result card can be frustrating and stressful. However, it’s essential to be aware of the different types of errors that can occur so you can take the necessary steps to resolve them. Here are some common types of errors that may appear on your result card:

Incorrect Personal Information

This can include errors in your name, date of birth, or other personal details.

Incorrect Subject Grades

If the grades on your result card do not match the grades you received in your exams, this is a mistake that needs to be corrected.

Omission of A Subject

If a subject is missing from your result card, it may be because the exam was not taken or because the results needed to be recorded correctly.

Incorrect Total Marks

If the total marks listed on your result card do not match the marks earned in your exams, this mistake must be corrected.

Note: If you notice any errors on your result card, it’s essential to notify your school or education board as soon as possible to get the issue resolved. Don’t let errors on your result card keep you from achieving your goals – act timely to correct them!

How to Correct Errors on the 12th Class Result Card 

If you discover errors on your result card, you should take the following steps:

  1. Contact the appropriate officials. You can do this by phone, email, or in person.
  2. Provide evidence of the mistake. This step could include a copy of the incorrect report card and supporting documents demonstrating the error.
  3. Request that the error be corrected. Clearly explain what is incorrect and ask for guidance on how to fix it. You may need to fill out a form or provide additional information to support your request.
  4. Follow up on your request to ensure that the error is corrected. It would be best if you reminded the officials multiple times to get a response.

12th Class Marking and Grading Schemes 

Grading and marking Criteria are guidelines used to assess and grade a student’s performance on an exam. It includes information about the minimum passing grade, the total number of marks, and the importance of each section.

But here’s the thing: the marking scheme can vary depending on the board and subject. For instance, how exams are graded in science might differ from Pak Studies or Islamiyat.

Are you ready to learn about the mark distribution and grading scheme of the 12th Class? Let’s look at the 12th grade Science and Arts group’s compulsory and elective subjects. 

12th Class Science Group Subject Wise Marks Distribution 

Subjects namesTotal Marks/Subject 
Compulsory Subjects
Urdu/ Geography100
Tarjuma Tul Quran 50
FSc Pre Engineering 
FSc Pre Medical 
Physics 100
Chemistry 100
Biology 100
General Science Group (ICS)
Physics (Mathematics is necessary) 100
Statistics 100
Economics 100
Computer science 100

Subject Wise Marks Distribution of 12th Commerce Class Group

Subjects namesTotal Marks/Subject
Commerce Group (I.Com)
Principles of Accounting 100 
Principles of Economics 75
Principles of Commerce 75
Business Mathematics 50

Marks Distribution of Elective Subjects In F.A (Arts Group) 

Subjects namesWritten paper marks
Group I
English literature 
Group II
Fine Arts 
Group III
Islamic History 
World History 
Physical education

Grading Criteria of 12th Class in 2023

80% or aboveA+Exceptional
70% or above but below 80%AExcellent
60% or above but below 70%BVery Good
50% or above but below 60%CGood
40% or above but below 50%DFair
Below 40% to minimum passingESatisfactory

Note: The 2023–2024 education year grading rules for intermediate will be made public once the BISEs have updated them. 

Policies and Announcements for Intermediate Candidates 2024

The government of Punjab has announced a new policy regarding passing mark criteria for intermediate. Therefore, a candidate must keep that criterion in mind to avoid trouble.

Moreover, the government of Pakistan has made legislation to make Tarjuma Tul Quran mandatory till 12th grade. It is a new edition to the curriculum for primary and intermediate students.

Below are details about the new rules for passing mark percentages and the new courses that have been added to the intermediate curriculum.

Passing Marks Criteria for 12th Class 

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has announced that all students in class 12 must earn a minimum of 40% in each subject on their final exams. Students who do not meet this requirement will need to retake that exam.

Addition of Tarjuma Tul Quran to Intermediate Curriculum 

For the next study year, the intermediate curriculum has changed. New books called Tarjamah Tul Quran and a new textbook called Practical Geography have been added. Because of these subjects, the total marks for the first and second years of intermediate education will also change. 

Therefore, students should comprehend the revised criteria for grades in 12th grade to prepare for the new curriculum.

Supplementary Exams Policy for 12th Class  

Here is the general policy for intermediate students taking their final exams. Students whose roll number, name, and subject abbreviation show that they got a failing grade in a subject can retake it as part of the supplementary exam. This is the last chance for students to get passing grades and move to the next level in the same school year.

If a student fails the supplementary exam, they must retake the previous level. If a student needs to take an exam at the right time, they must take a test on everything they’ve learned the following year.

Rules for Reappearing in Class Intermediate Exams 

  • Students who have taken the Inter Part I and II supplementary exams in a given academic year but have only passed one or two subjects can retake those exams until the Part I and II annual exams in the same academic year.
  • Those candidates who fail more than two subjects will need to retake Part I and II.
  • All the students who were compartmentalized or failed the Part I and II supplementary exams in a previous academic year can now apply and pay to take the Part I and II annual exams, according to the board’s rules.
  • The candidates who wish to have their papers rechecked or recounted must submit an online application through the BISE website within fifteen days of the release of results.
  • Students who want to improve their scores or grades can retake Part I, Part II, or both exams, but only once and within two years of their initial exam in the same subject groups and courses following the current syllabus.

Improving 2nd Year Grades in Passed Subjects 

These considerations one must consider while improving subjects for admission to an engineering university or a medical college. 

  • Suppose a student takes an exam to improve their grade or marks and receives a higher score than on their previous exam. In that case, their status will be considered enhanced, even if they receive lower marks in one or more individual papers.
  • If a student takes an exam in a particular subject, they must take both parts of that subject. If they receive higher marks in the subject (i.e., the combined score of both years) than their previous score in the same subject, it will be considered an improvement. If they receive lower marks, it will be viewed as a lack of improvement, and their previous score in that subject will remain unchanged.
  • If a student takes exams in multiple subjects to improve their scores and receives higher marks in one subject but not in the others, only the subject in which they received a higher score will be considered improved. The previous scores in the other subjects will remain unchanged.
  • If a student takes exams in more than one subject but doesn’t take an exam in one of them, their scores in the other subjects will be considered to have increased significantly, but their old score in the subject they didn’t take will stay the same.
  • A student who has passed their 11th class (Part I) exams can choose to improve their marks for that exam, along with their marks for the 12th class exams. However, to do so, they will need to forfeit their 11th-grade results and pay the prescribed fee. Once this is done, they will not have further opportunities to improve their marks.
  • Students who passed their exams with the help of concessional marks and want to improve their marks in Part I, Part II, or a specific subject must retake the exam in the subject or subjects where they received concessional marks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I view my 12th result with Marksheet?

You’ll need to visit your education board’s official website to check your Inter Part 2 result with your mark sheet. On that website, you will find the 12th class result check button/link. You can view your results on a detailed mark sheet by entering the necessary information (name and roll number).

What are my options if I fail to pass the 12th Class?

If you do not pass the 12th Class, you may have the option to retake the exams as part of the supplementary exam or during the next academic year.

Can I improve my FSc second time in Pakistan?

It is possible to improve your grades or marks more than once. You can enhance specific subjects, such as physics, for the first and second years or improve your rates for the entire first year.

What percentage are passing marks for the second year?

You need to get 40% on an intermediate exam to pass.


In conclusion, knowing your 12th class result is an important and exciting milestone in your academic journey. Various methods are available to check your results quickly and easily, and this article has provided an overview of those options.

We’ve also talked about improving your grade and how the revised policies for intermediate education can help you make intelligent decisions about your future.

We hope this article has helped guide you through checking your 12th-grade results and exploring your options for checking intermediate results. We wish you the best of luck as you move forward and pursue your goals!